In Case You Missed It: Access Materials from OHA's New Standard Authorization Forms Webinar

If you weren't able to attend OHA's walkthrough of the final rule and Standard Authorization Forms required by the Ohio Department of Medicaid, don't worry.

You can acess the slide presentation from Tuesday's webinar, here.

To access the recorded webinar itself, please click the button below.


For the past several months, OHA has been working with members and providing feedback to the Governor's Office of Health Transformation and Ohio Department of Medicaid on their initiative to create two Standard Authorization Forms for the use and disclosure of protected health information and Part 2 substance abuse information that would be required to be accepted by all providers, if properly executed by a patient.

The Standard Authorization Rule, and corresponding forms, were filed by ODM with an effective date of Jan. 3, 2019. The requirement for a properly executed form to be accepted by all providers is applicable 30 days after the effective date of the rule (Feb. 2, 2019).

The final rule and related appendices containing the Standard Authorization Forms are available here.

Additional details:

ODM created this fact sheet to assist providers in understanding the new rule and Standard Authorization Forms.

It is important for providers to note that the new Standard Authorization Forms will not be required to be used by providers as their standard form; however, when a form is properly executed and presented to a provider, it must be accepted.

Further, the forms only need to be used in situations where HIPAA requires patient authorization, thus the forms are not required for disclosing information for treatment, payment or health care operations.

ODM has also established an email for questions about the rule and Standard Authorization Forms:


Contact Bryn Hunt.